Recently signed to Goon Trax in Japan, Eightrack Mind's Monster is their first International release. It dropped in early May and is a compilation of songs from both Eightrack Mind and Hardly Human. It also contains a remix of Broken Homes by Japanese producer JFK that can be obtained no where else. It can be found at Tower Records Japan and the Goon Trax website.


Hardly Human is the second release from Eightrack Mind. Dropped in 2007 and produced by the band, it features the new line up of MC Natural and Chris Murphy on rhymes, D-Luv on skins, The White Rhino on Bass, AU6 on guitar and DJ Bones on turntables. Added to the mix are newcomers Chris Cundy on Keys and Ben Johns on sax. Hardly Human also features guest apperances by former etm MC B'Nuggs and the extremly talented Josh Martinez

Hardly Human was the best selling CD at Cactus Records for all of 2007. It was also Editor's Choice on CD Baby for both Alternative Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. Eightrack Mind is in the top 75 of best selling Alternative Hip Hop acts on CD Baby.


This is the first Eightrack Mind release. Put out in 2005 on Feel Reel Records, it was produced by Headnotic of the Crown City Rockers and managed to garner Editor's Choice for Alternative Hip Hop on CD Baby. It was the number one selling CD at Catus Records for several months in 2005 and is in the top 100 sellers of all time at CD Baby for Alternative Hip Hop.

Eightrack Mind features the original line up of MC Natural and B'Nuggs rockin' the mic, D-Luv on Drums, Robbot on Bass, Chris Murphy and August Rutkowski on guitar, DJ Bones on Turntables and Tyson Granlie on Trumpet. It also contains the song Slow Down which is a crowd favorite at live shows and also the best selling single from Eightrack Mind.

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